Westover Vets is supported by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership

Westover Vets has secured funding from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through one of its grant schemes. 

As the largest independent vet-owned group in the region, Westover Vets is precisely the sort of business that New Anglia LEP is keen to invest in. Thanks to its prestigious veterinary clinic recently opened in North Walsham, with support from the New Anglia LEP, the group now boasts facilities more often found in regional veterinary hospitals. Moreover, the enhanced practice makes the uphill struggle of attracting skilled veterinarians and nurses to North Norfolk less difficult, to the benefit of all.

With new clinic openings on the horizon, the future of healthcare looks bright for North Norfolk’s pets, farms and smallholdings.

Westover Vets is an Investor in the Environment

Westover Vets has secured a Bronze award as an Investor in the Environment. We place sustainability at the heart of all our practices.

Reducing waste, miming consumption and reusing items where possible

Conserve water and energy and use sustainable suppliers

Work with suppliers to ensure they mimes their environmental impact.

We have signed up to the Bee Friendly practice scheme through the British Bee Veterinary Association.

Westover Vets is rated a GOLD Cat Friendly Clinic

Westover Vets has built feline comfort into every aspect of your cat’s care. From a separate, purpose-built cattery to keep your cat feeling safe and secure, to practices and standards that are built on solid science and the best in feline care.

Small Animals

IIE Bronze Award 2021