Worm egg count voucher offer for May

laminitisWorm egg count voucher offer for the month of May.

During the month of May every wormer purchased from Westover Vets Centre will entitle you to one FREE worm egg count, to be redeemed within six weeks of being issued.

The offer is only valid when you attach /return the voucher with the sample.

Faecal worm egg counts are a really useful guide  to the level of adult worms laying eggs within your horse, and an important part of your horse’s targeted worming programme.

All we require is 2-3 fresh droppings from different piles delivered to the surgery, Monday to Thursday, with your surname and horses name on the outside of the bag.


  • Less than 200 eggs per gram (epg), then we would not prescribe a wormer.
  • More than 200 epg will require a wormer.

For horse’s that have a high FWEC, ideally we would like to re-test them 10-14 days after they were given the wormer, to check for any signs of ‘anthelmintic (wormer) resistance’.

Anthelmintic resistance is when the parasite is no longer susceptible to the drug within the wormer. The active ingredient within the wormer kills the sensitive parasites in the population, however, those parasites not affected go on to create new generations of resistant parasites.

Pin worm tests.

The pinworm lays its eggs around the horses anus, so will not show up in a FWEC.

To test for Pinworm you use the sticky side of clear sellotape, and ideally put on to a slide if not double it up on itself, bring the sellotape in a container or envelope with your surname and horses name and £5.

The tests are either positive or negative, and if positive, the horse will need re-testing 6 weeks later after using a wormer.

Check out the Pinworm blog on our website.

Please contact the surgery on 01603 899930, if you have any questions, or for advise on planning your horse’s worming programme.