Westover PetDIalog App

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We have just launched our own practice app. Use the inbuilt calendar to remind you of those all important vaccinations dates, along with when you last treated your pet with a flea and worming product.  Log your walks and share your favourite ones on face-book or twitter with your friends. Use the Quality of Life area to monitor how your pets movement and behaviour changes over a period of time. How easy is it for them to get in or out of the car? This information is of great help to your vets especially when the pet comes into the practice and behaves differently to when at home. The Quality of Life graph plots these changes and creates a graph which can then be shown to your vet, very useful if going onto or coming off of medication.


Download now and enter our vet ID “WESTOVER01” get started today!

Pet dialog is a mobile app that builds a story of your pets life and vitality helping you and your vet, keep your best friends in top shape.