Veterinary treatment of Llamas and Alpacas

We are pleased to announce the publication of Grahams Third book “Veterinary Treatment of Llamas and Alpacas”.  This follows Grahams two other successful publications “Veterinary treatment for working equines” and “Veterinary treatments of sheep and Goats”

We find at Westover Veterinary Centre that Camelids are being presented to us with increased frequency.  They are not only being kept as pets and stud animals but are also farmed for their fibre.

“Veterinary treatment of Llamas and Alpacas” provides practical everyday veterinary advise on common and not so common conditions and surgical procedures.  The book is laid out in logical format  and covers topics such as Basic husbandry, nutrition, examination, vaccines, analgesia, anaesthesia, dermatology, poisons and much more.

Veterinary treatment of Llamas and Alpacas would be of interest not only to veterinarians but also camelid breeders or veterinary students.

The book can be purchased at by clicking here

Graham is Westovers’ best selling author to date and despite numerous offers has no plans to star in any movies yet but watch this space…


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