Tackle fleas and ticks this Autumn! Frontline Combo Offer!

frontlineWe all know that fleas and ticks are a pest, causing discomfort for pets and stress for owners.  Whilst Summertime is “peak pest time;” Autumn is too, as we start switching on our central heating and stimulating the dormant pupae into life.

Westover Veterinary Centre would like to help you keep on top of  fleas this season. If you buy a box of three Frontline combo pipettes, you will get one pipette free. If you buy a box of six pipettes, you will get two free. This offer is available until the end of October and applies to same size pipettes only. Your pet needs to have been seen by a vet in the last twelve months for us to be able to dispense them for you.

Frontline Combo is an effective flea and tick treatment only available from veterinary surgeries. It will kill any live fleas within 24 hours and also sterilise them, so any eggs that they lay before dying will not hatch out into live fleas in your house. Ticks will be killed within 48 hours. Ticks are notoriously hard to remove as you need to ensure the mouthparts that are inside your pet are fully removed to prevent infection.

If your pet has not been seen in the last twelve months and you simply want to be able to purchase a prescription flea treatment, we can offer Flea Check Consults for the reduced price of £20. This will allow the vet to prescribe a flea treatment. This check over is not for any other issues that you may want the vet to discuss regarding your animal. If you want to have your pet examined for any other ailment, you will need to book a full consult which will cost £31.77.