SQPs: What are they and how can they help our equines?

We are so pleased to add another string to our talented team’s bow this month as Sheryl has passed her SQP exams.

An SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) is an animal medicines advisor, qualified to prescribe and supply categories of products that fall within the qualification for the species that they hold. SQP’s must have undertaken training and passed examinations at level 4 or higher approved by AMTRA (Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority). An SQP’s role is to advise you as an animal owner on the choice of medicines and their safe and effective use, as well as other strategies such as animal health plans, management and looking at individual circumstances contributing to the health and welfare of our animals.

Once qualified an SQP must complete AMTRA approved CPD points according to the qualification they hold, CPD is development training to ensure they stay up to date with our knowledge and can continue to be on the register of SQP’s.
At Westover we can conduct FWEC’S (Faecal Worm egg counts) to help us identify animals which are shedding large numbers of worm eggs and therefore need an appropriate treatment depending on the time of year to reduce clinical disease and pasture contamination. We can also create individual worming programmes to suit the farm/livery/ individual animal to ensure we are not over treating and therefore not encouraging resistance to our main active ingredients.

We are fortunate enough to now have 2 SQP’s at Hainford, Liz an R-SQP (all species), and Sheryl, a G-SQP (farm and equine). If you would like any advice or help regarding worming then please don’t hesitate to contact them at the surgery, where they can help you with a targeted plan of attack.