Special Offers at Westover

happy pet


Here are some of the special offers we have on at Westover over the next couple of months, full details are also on our facebook page.


Drontal Dog and Cat wormers –  if you buy three tablets you get 4th tablet free.

Microchip offer is still running, less than half price  at £9.99.  We recommend micro-chipping all pets, usually around 5-6 months of age. We also have a good range of pet tags – it is law that all dogs should have identity tags with the name and address of the owner on, even when micro-chipped.

We are running a vaccination amnesty this month, so if your cat or dog has not been vaccinated for  at least 18 months  we will vaccinate them for the price of a booster.

Frontline Combo – for cats and dogs -This is a more advanced product than the Frontline that you can buy over the counter.  Frontline Combo prevents the flea eggs from developing  which helps in eliminating them from the environment. You  must treat the animal all year round if you want continued protection.  So now is a good time to stock up for the year.  If you buy 3 pipettes you get one free, if you buy 6 pipettes you get 2 free. (valid until end June ) this is a prescription only product, so the vet will need to have seen your pet recently.

Certifect is a new product which is recommended for pets who pick up ticks regularly, it works by  preventing the ticks from attaching to your pet, it also covers fleas.  This is  a prescription only product, so again the vet will need to have seen your pet recently.

We are constantly trying to get the best deals we can for our clients, some of our prescription medications are also on special offers, if your pet is on long term medications we may be able to give you a bulk buy saving, this won’t be available  on all drugs – so please ask at reception for further details.