Rush The Lurcher Celebrates Her Third Birthday

rush the dog

Rush today


Rush Is our youngest lurcher. A lurcher is a cross-bred dog involving a sight hound (greyhound, whippet, afghan, borzoi etc) and another dog, ideally a border collie, but often a terrier. Traditionally they were working dogs used for hunting game – before the ban on hunting-with-dogs came into effect. Now they are pets who just love to run.

Rush comes from fine stock. Her grandfather is a beautiful whippet. Her grandmother an elegant bedlington-border collie cross. This perfect mix combines speed, coat and intelligence. Although I love her dearly, it breaks my heart to admit that of those three perfect qualities, Rush only inherited one. Her coat. She is a lumbering clown who thinks the best place to have a nap is on top of anything with a heartbeat. She stands on my toes first thing in the morning as I make a cup of tea. She makes friends with anything that will give her the time of day, and her licks are the sloppiest I have ever come across. When she feels the wind speeding through her hair she becomes as deaf as a post.


Happy birthday Rush and I hope there are many many more to come.


rush with mum

Rush with her mum