Remember, Remember Kalm Aid this November

Kalm AidAt this time of year there is no escaping the celebratory fireworks of Bonfire night and New Years Eve.

If you have a pet that is fearful of fireworks then this time of year can be very stressful for them and for you.

At Westover Veterinary Centre we stock Kalm Aid which is a fast acting nutritional supplement available in tablet, liquid or gel form.

Kalm Aid needs to be administered 60-90 minutes before the stressful event and will start to take effect within this time. The liquid or gel can be administered on food if your pet does not like taking tablets and Kalm Aid can be used as and when your pet needs it.

Kalm Aid is suitable for pets during times of anxiety, stress and nerves such as travelling, vet visits or kennel stays. It will also help your pet to cope with fears and phobias.

Kalm Aid is available over the counter and is available now.