Nurse Clinics at Mr Schnorby’s Pet Shop

pet shopHaving attended the Mr. Schnorby’s open day, Emma has since run 2 introductory clinic sessions.

The first morning provided an opportunity for people to chat, ask any advice they needed and just to get to know that we were there.

The second session was well attended by people wanting general health checks on their pets, nail trims and a weight check up.

Our aim is to provide health checks, weight management support and health advice for your pets, to assist you in providing good health care to them.

A general health check includes a hands on, nose to tail check, dental check and weight recording/ body condition score.

The senior pet check includes all the above plus a basic urine test and follow support if required.

A weight management programme is available with initial clinic to discuss your pet’s needs and follow up weight checks.

Nail trims and anal gland expressing are also available.

We would remind you if you have serious concerns about your pet’s health to contact the Veterinary Surgery.

Look out for future clinic times and dates on the noticeboard in Mr.Schnorby’s window. Appointments can be made at Mr.Schnorby’s or if you just want a chat feel free to drop in when a clinic is on.

(Appointment times and days will vary until we find out what is most popular).


Introductory prices below:


Special Introductory Prices

General Health Advice FREE

Giving you the opportunity for a chat with your questions answered.

General Health Check £5.00

 Hands on, nose to tail check,
Dental check and weight recording (when available)

Senior Pet Check £10.00

Hands on, nose to tail check
Dental check and weight recording (when available)
Basic urine test
Follow up support if required.

Weight Management Programme £15.00

For a one off charge this includes:

Initial weight check and support pack
 Goals set and regular monitoring
Follow up support if required.

Nail Trim £6.00

Anal Gland Express £10.00

(A £2.00 surcharge may apply to any of the above the cover additional materials used)