All thanks to a microchip the size of a grain of rice…..

When we recently moved house, Hermionie our oldest cat disappeared a few days before we were due to leave the old house, not knowing where she had gone, we had no choice but to move and hope that she would appear when we went back to look for her.
The dogs and other cats seemed relatively unconcerned by their new surroundings and with the help of Feliway and DAP products settled surprisingly quickly into our new home.
When returning to the old house with food didn’t reveal her eyes peeping from under the hedge or produce the familiar ‘meow’ I became worried.
It was very out of character for her not to return home for her dinner of an evening but I understood that the moving of all our furniture and the disruption to her life was going to be confusing and stressful for her.
I knew she had her microchip but where was she, had someone found her or had she been injured??micropchip
After about a week in the new house we had a call……………………
A local couple had found her wandering, looking very lost and a very long way from home. They took her in and contacted another, local vets for advice, who suggested they check her for a microchip.
Her microchip located her to us and later that day she was brought home safe and well all be it a bit bemused at being in a new house. She has quickly taken residence on the sunniest window sill and is to be found snuggled up on the sofa of an evening after her dinner.
I always say to our clients to update their details when they move home and now I truly know the importance of it myself. Microchips might only be the size of a grain of rice but they do work!