Keyhole Surgery comes to Westover Small Animal Practice

Keyhole Surgery

We are proud to announce that we are now able to offer this cutting edge procedure which results in:

  • less pain
  • lower risks
  • fewer complications
  • and faster recovery

Keyhole surgery has been widely used in human medicine for many years due to its clear advantages over open surgery. Westover Vets are now one of only a small number of practices in the UK to be able to offer our patients this minimally invasive neutering technique.


A keyhole spay is very different from the traditional technique and benefits from the smaller wounds, better visualisation of internal tissues and next to no bleeding or trauma.


The surgery is performed with a fine camera and delicate equipment inside the body unlike the traditional method that involves larger wounds and more stretching and pulling of internal tissues.


“Having performed both techniques for a number years, I can safely say that the improved recovery rates and reduced pain seen with keyhole surgery are dramatic. There are good reasons why keyhole surgery is the first choice in human medicine too” Toby Morrell, Veterinary Surgeon.


As well as neutering female dogs Keyhole surgery has other benefits such as retained testicle surgery, abdominal organ biopsies and bladder surgery.


If you would like any further information please contact the surgery on 01692 403202.