Gastroscope Clinic Day

Gastroscopy Clinic Day 19th October


Following on from our successful behaviour meeting, we will be holding a gastroscopy clinic day on Thursday 19th October. Places will be available on a first come first served basis, to include £50 discount off the cost of scoping, and 1 weeks free treatment of Omeprazole for every horse that is found to have gastric ulcers.

There are a wide range of symptoms, including recurrent colic, weight loss, poor appetite and a drop in performance, all of which may suggest your horse has ulcers, although the only accurate way to diagnose this condition is to perform a gastroscope.

This is where we pass a very long camera up the horses nose, down the oesophagus (food pipe) and into the stomach. Horses need to be starved for a minimum of 16 hours prior to scoping to ensure we get a good view of the lining of their empty stomach. If it’s difficult for you to starve your horse or pony at home then we offer stabling the night before at an additional charge.

If you think your horse could be suffering with gastric ulcers call the surgery to reserve your place on this clinic day and discuss your horse with one of our vets.