Free Dental Checks….

Does your pet have smelly breath, bleeding gums or tartar?

At Westover Veterinary Centre our nurses hold free Dental Clinics where they can assess and advise on your pets dental hygiene. Our nurses will be able to show you how to effectively clean your pets teeth and offer tips to ensure you become confident at doing so.

Throughout February and March we are offering a reduced price for our dental scale and polish procedure. If you bring your pet in for a Dental Clinic and it is necessary for them to have this procedure then we can arrange this and it will cost only £120 (excluding any extractions.)

If your pet has a scale and polish they will need to stay with us for the morning and will usually be ready to go home from 2pm. They will have a general anaesthetic and will need to come in with an empty tummy.

If you would like to bring your pet along for a Dental Clinic then phone 01692 403202 to book an appointment.