We offer a number of routine elective surgeries such as castration, rig surgery, hernia repairs and splint bone fragment removal, standing enucleation (eye removal) and sinus surgery.   As well as this we also offer more complicated procedures such as standing laparoscopic surgeries and sarcoid removal performed by Richard Payne MRCVS, who travels  regularly from Rossdales Equine Hospital in Newmarket to perform surgeries on our behalf.

We have a padded knock-down box in which we perform surgeries requiring general anaesthesia. To ensure your horse receives the best care possible we have a brand new state of the art anaesthetic machine, ventilator and monitoring system allowing us to constantly monitor your horse’s condition whilst under anaesthesia. For standing surgery performed under sedation we have purpose built stocks which allow your horse to be safely restrained and supported throughout their surgical procedure.

The purpose-built stocks are also very useful for reproductive work. We provide a full reproductive service for your horse. This includes semen evaluation, endometrial and clitoral swabbing, uterine lavage and biopsy, rectal ultrasonography (scanning) and Artificial Insemination (AI) with both chilled and frozen semen. Packages are available for AI to enable you to budget-please contact us for more information. Mares can be brought into the surgery and lodge with us, or if facilities allow, we can carry this work at the mare’s home, 

One of our vets runs a foaling course annually to help you prepare for the big day.