We can offer a bespoke lameness investigation for your horse at the practice in Hainford. We have a purpose built trot up and firm lunge to exercise and examine your horse’s lameness as well as a rubber matted treatment room to perform perineural/intra-articular analgaesia (nerve blocks).

Once the area of discomfort is located we have mobile digital radiography (x ray) and ultrasound to help to discover exactly what the problem is. We are able to examine horses for fore and hind limb lameness as well as back pain. In house lameness treatments include medicating joints, backs, sacroiliac joints and tendon sheaths with steroids, Hyaluronic acid, Polysulphated glycosaminoglycans, stem cells, ‘Arthramid’ IRAP etc

As mentioned our digital radiography machine (x ray) is mobile and therefore we can also travel to the comfort of your own yard for those horses that cannot travel such as a horse with painful laminitis. We are also lucky enough to have a farrier’s forge on site with  experienced farrier Stephen Britten (Master Farrier -AWCF) working out of it on a regular basis should your horse need any corrective farriery as part of a treatment plan.