Chimpy the Chihuahua and 4 sharp flints

At the end of April a lovely little chihuahua called Chimpy came in as she had been vomitting. She had a previous history of having had an operation to remove stones from her intestines so we decided to xray her. This is what we saw:


It was not hard to see the problem, Chimpy had been up to her old tricks again and had eaten 4 sharp stones.  This can be very dangerous. If the stone gets stuck in the intestine it can cause the wall of the intestine to break down and gut contents to leak into her abdomen which leads to peritonitis. This can be fatal so we acted quickly and took Chimpy straight to surgery. The first thing we did is checked the whole of her intestines from stomach to rectum to see where the stones were and what needed to be done. This was tricky as due to her previous surgery there were a lot of adhesions between her intestines. Once I had broken these down and could examine her intestines properly I found that she had one large stone which had become wedged and was already starting to damage the overlying intestine. There was another small stone just behind it and the other 2 smaller ones were in her colon.

The large stone was stuck fast and had caused a lot of damage to the overlying intestine. I was worried about this part of gut so rather than just remove the stone I decided to remove a section of gut (approximately 8cm) and then reattach the two ends together. In the picture below you can see the section of gut I am about to remove containing the stone held between two bowel clamps.


The operation went well and Chimpy went to stay overnight at Tavheram Vets (who provide our out of hours service) where she could be constantly monitored throughout the night. She came back to see me the next morning and we started to feed her on liquid food. This was gradually changed back to her normal diet over the next week and when I saw her 8 days post op for her final check up her owner reported that she was totally back to her normal cheeky Chimpy self.

chimpy the chihuahua

Thank you to Miss. Howes for allowing me to share Chimpys story!